Cam-Scott Group of Companies is a family run business since 1985, specializing in providing safe, on-time and reliable delivery of temperature sensitive goods – fresh, frozen and dry loads.
Carrying on with the Cam-Scott traditions we have developed into a strong company, managed and run by long term employees who are treated as family members.
Cam-Scott Transport Ltd. has been in business since 1985, specializing in the service of delivering fresh, frozen and dry loads for local customers, as well as servicing customers throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.
Cam-Scott International Ltd. has been in business since 2002 providing the same services as Cam-Scott Transport Ltd., while delivering across North America with a focus on shipments east of the Rockies – bounded by the Midwest, South and North east United States.
Cam-Scott Truck and Trailer has been in business since 2001. Our focus is to maintain our fleet of vehicles with the upmost care for not only our drivers, but to the communities we service.
In addition to the above, we are honored to announce the creation of our newest division, Cam-Scott Commercial Driving School.
Our focus is on training drivers so that they become responsible, safe drivers and carry out our name with integrity and respect. This new division will also train existing truckers from other companies and enhance their skills and knowledge on the road. With a strong eye on ever changing transportation industry needs, we are convinced that this new training division will have a significant contribution for the future well being of our industry.
We feel that it is time to give back to the community who has been supportive all along the way in our 32 years of existence.

Since we are a trucking company first we understand better than anybody else the importance of what it takes for a new driver to move from a class “G” license to a class “AZ” license, and we are confident that our training program will ensure that the new driver is road ready. The entire course is completed in 6-8 weeks of full time training which includes 103 hours of in-class and in-cab/hands on training taught by experienced instructors that have years of experience plus 12 hours of Z Endorsement Course.
Upon completion our students will know and be able to successfully perform the following:
–     Professional City/ Highway Driving
–     Professional Backing
–     Canada Hour of Service (H.O.S)
–     U.S.A. Hour of Service
–     Defensive Driving
–     Vehicle Weights Adjustments
–     Inspections-Roadside
–     Transportation of Dangerous Goods
–     Accident Reporting
–     Valid Ontario class “G” License or Higher
–     Grade 10 English or Equivalent.
–     Successfully complete Ministry approved Aptitude Test
Once enrolled in our program, all course materials, training and professional driver kit is included in the student package.
Students must obtain their learners permit at least ONE week before the start of classes. Medical forms and official Truck Handbook will be provided by the school.